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Dry Wild Porcini Mushrooms   $9.50 per 2 oz bag

Hand harvested and dried  •  wild grown in California and Oregon

These are the classic, prized wild mushroom that add so much flavor to risottos, sauces, egg dishes, and more. Hydrate in simmering water 20 minutes, squeeze out the liquid and proceed as with raw mushrooms. Be sure to use the flavorful broth, too!

Recipe Links

    Barley Mushroom Soup (with meat/garbanzo/winter squash / greens options)

    Porcini Mushroom “Farrotto”  using einkorn farro.

    Porcini Mushroom Risotto Recipe.

    (Chicken) Mushroom Wild Rice Soup Recipe.

    Porcini rubbed  grilled meat, bbq  borlotti beans, polenta and sauteed porcini mushrooms.


Porcini Mushroom Spice Blend     $9 per 3 oz jar       $14 per 6 oz bag

Hand harvested and dried  •  wild grown in California and Oregon

A mushroom lover’s dream! Use as a dry or wet rub (just add oil or booze) for steaks, roasts or fish before cooking. Add a couple tablespoons to cooking rice, soups and cooked sauces to infuse them with a rich porcini flavor. Mix some into your next meatball or meatloaf recipe. The blend is ground porcini mushrooms with sea salt, organic turbinado sugar, fresh ground black pepper and cayenne.

See a whole bunch of ideas for using Marianne’s Porcini Spice Blend.

See Marianne’s Recipe for Porcini Cheese Spread.

See Marianne’s Recipe for Porcini Rubbed Pork Tenderloin

See Marianne’s recipe for Porcini, Valencian  & Wild Rice Pilaf.

See a great menu for Porcini rubbed  grilled meat, bbq  borlotti beans, and red polenta.

Salt & Other Seasonings

Sel de Guerande / Celtic Sea Salt                     $5 for 4 oz in a pinch pot jar

$9 for a 1 lb bag

$15 for a 2 lb bag

Organic French Grey Sea Salt

This salt is ground and ready for use in all your cooking and baking projects. ** We also carry the coarse size if you prefer. The color comes from the minerals in the clay lining the ponds where the salt water evaporates and the salt is collected. Salt has been collected like this in this area of France for over 2000 years. French sea salt has a tendency to absorb moisture. If you use it in a shaker, add a few grains of rice. I keep mine in pretty recycled jars and shot glasses and use my finger tips or a tiny spoon to add salt as I cook.

Learn more about the rich history and geography Sel de Guerande

Pink Himalayan Salt, fine grind                          $7 for 8 oz in a pinch pot jar

                                                                                                     $9 for a 1 lb bag

Alder Smoked Pacific Sea Salt, fine grind         $7 for 4 oz in a pinch pot jar

Meyer Lemon Sea Salt, fine grind                                $7   “         “

Valencia Orange Sea Salt, fine grind                           $7   “         “

Hawaiian Infused Sea Salts (fine grind) Molokai, Hawaii  - limited quantity!

        Red; with Alae Clay; adds iron                   $7 for 4 oz in a pinch pot jar
        Black “Lava”; removes toxins                     $7 for 4 oz in a pinch pot jar

SAMPLER SIZES (.75-1 oz each)                                                       $2.75 each

any 3 (salt or chile) @$7

    A Mix in sample sizes chiles from below to your sampler. **Availability may vary.

Spanish Smoked Paprika - Pimenton de la Vera-2013 crop!     

                            $7 per 65 gram jar

A must for Paella - amazing in so many other dishes! A lightly smoked bitter sweet flavor.

This wonderful spice gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “salt and
pepper to taste”. Set the pinch pot jar on a tray alongside your (sea) salt
and black pepper mill and start experimenting with a pinch of it in various
dishes. Dust steamed cauliflower or braised green beans, stir into chiles,
sprinkle on roasted chicken, use in a steak rub or to season potatoes before
roasting them. Tell us your favorite use!

Rio Zape Chili &  Chile Tamale Pie Recipe

See Marianne’s Recipe for Smoky Garlic Pimenton Roasted Walnuts

See Marianne’s Recipe for Barbecue Heirloom Beans & Bean Dip. These go great with Marianne’s polenta!

New Mexico Mild Red Chile Flakes; Big Jim Variety - 2013 crop!           

                                                                               $7 for 3 oz in a pinch pot jar

Grown and dried on a 400 acre family farm where the high elevation gives long sunny days and crisp nights. The mild, sweet Big Jim Chile comes in flake form wih a rich flavor and minimal heat so it can be sprinkled everywhere to add color and a warm sunny flavor with no heat. This is the chile that is used to make the famous New Mexican Red Chile & Chile Colorado dishes. It will enhance any enchilada sauce.

Hot and X-Hot Chile Powders - 2013 Crop                         $7 per 65 gram jar

SAMPLER SIZES (.75-1 oz each)                                                       $2.75 each

any 3 (salt or chile) @$7

Please specify Samdia or Lumbre, or get both for $4.50

These chiles are grown by the same farmer as the mild flakes above.The hot Sandia powder is a vibrant head turner, but its bursting flavors are far from incendiary. The XX Lumbre powder can be used in place of cayenne with much more flavor and a tad less heat. It all comes from one farmer who loves what he is doing!

Sierra Incense Cedar Grilling Planks                                    $13 per 3-pack

Direct from a small sawmill in the Sierra Foothills! Incense cedar has a much higher aromatic value than red cedar which is used for most grilling planks. Each set comes with a page of instructions and recipe ideas. This makes a great gift when paired with Marianne’s Porcini Spice Rub. Grilled cedar planked porcini rubbed wild salmon is amazing!!    Set includes compete "How To" instruction page.

See Marianne’s Recipe for Cedar Planked Grilled Salmon

Hand Made Wood Utensils                                          $7-$16 each

These beautifully crafted wood bowls, spoons and spreaders are made by our Beekeeper. He turns them on a lathe and uses local, repurposed wood to make them. This is truly usable art.

You’ll love the spreaders for jams and nut butters, spreadable cheeses and all types of appetizers. The salt spoons and salt ladles are perfect in our salt jars or your own salt pots. The smaller and larger bowls (the small ones are what Marianne uses at samplings) are perfect in the kitchen to hold bits of chopped herbs and garlic, on the table for sauces and condiments, dips and spreads, even on the dresser for change and jewelry. There 2 oz scoop is perfect for measuring out your morning coffee! Every piece is unique.

Please specify light or dark wood. We can take special orders for 6 or more pieces.

Small bowl, Spreader, Flat Salt/Spice Spoon                                         $7.50

Large bowl, Flat Mustard Spreader                                                         $9.50

Coffee Scoop, Nut/ Jam spoons                                                            $11.50

Wine Caddy                                                                                                  $15

Caring for your wooden kitchen pieces: These items are finished with pure walnut oil to preserve the wood. They should be washed without using soap by hand and then dried.  Occasional wiping with mineral oil will preserve the wood and keep them looking like new.

Olive Oils  & Vinegars

Heirloom Beans and Grains

Nuts, Honey & Dried Fruit

Body Care & Seasonal Offerings

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