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In Maui, we found some wild guava trees - we made great martinis with their fruits!

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These recipes exemplify Marianne’s commitment to eating healthfully, including lots of fruits and vegetables with every meal.

In most cases you will find less fat and sugar than in conventional recipes, and more fresh ingredients.

Flavors burst, not waistlines.

We think this is a winning combination and hope you will too.

Buen Provecho!

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Local figs with a little blue cheese make a simple, delicious appetizer. Try plums or apricots with apricot stilton. Quarter them if you want a smaller “bite”.

Summer Harvest @Marianne’s Garden; Trombocino zucchini, cherry tomatoes, sweet Italian frying peppers (thin skinned and wonderful!), Rattlesnake and Spanish Musica Beans, and a lttle chard from a shady spot.

Sign at San Francisco Ferry Terminal Market