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Just like all produce, nuts have a season and a shelf life. They do not last forever, and as my friend the walnut farmer says, “Nuts should never have a birthday”. Nuts are harvested in the fall and can be enjoyed all winter and spring when there aren’t a lot of local fruit options. Store nuts in a cool, dark place and get them as direct from the grower as you can. Ask when they were harvested. If you get fresh, grower-direct nuts, you’ll be amazed how much they taste like, well, nuts!

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Walnuts $9 lb  •  2013 crop

Stockton area grown • Grower Direct

These are a top quality product. They come direct from a local grower. Enjoy in salads, baked goods, on oatmeal and just for snacking! 2013 Crop.

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Nonpareil Almonds  $7 lb  •  2013 crop

Modesto grown  •  Grower Direct

Rich in fiber and monounsaturated fats, almonds help lower cholesterol levels.They are also an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium and manganese. These are  whole, raw, fresh, local and delicious! Toast or use raw in salads, pilaf, granola, trail mix, fruit breads and desserts. Current Crop.

Dry Roasted Hazelnuts  $ (back in Fall 2014)

Direct from a small family farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, these nuts are absolutely wonderful! The family roasts them at the farm, and, of course, they are from the current harvest. Use in salads, pilafs, granola, desserts - and just for snacking.

Dry Roasted Pistachios  $ (back in Fall 2014)

These come from the Panoche Water Disctrict (near Los Banos) from a water district experimenting with reusing agricultural water. Turns out the Pistachio trees they have planted love the water, are thriving and they taste amazing! Your purchase of  these nuts supports a sustainable farming project. Current Crop.

Lightly Dried Bing Cherries  $ (back in Fall 2014)

2013 crop •  Stockton area grown • Grower Direct

Intense, sweet, rich. These cherries are not fully dried, so they still have a bit of a plump  to them. Put on oatmeal or in cookies, mix into an apple crisp. Make a simple snack by sticking one of Marianne’s raw almonds into a cherry. Set out a bunch of these on a plate and know everyone around will enjoy a healthy, delicious snack.

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Raw Alfalfa
Honey  - Tracy, CA    

$12 per pint jar; weight 1.5 lbs

The bees that make this honey feast on Alfalfa fields across the street from the beekeeper, who is also a wood worker and metal sculptor. He uses a hand crank extractor, and he doesn’t heat or filter the honey. This leaves all the healthy goodness still in there for our benefit. If you have allergies and live in this area, this is the honey for you. If you live farther afield, but want to support small farmers, this is the honey for you, honey!

Olive Oils  & Vinegars

Heirloom Beans and Grains

Dry Mushrooms, Salts & Seasonings

Body Care & Seasonal Offerings

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