Marianne’s Pantry


What’s for Dinner?

Are you in a rut and bored of dinner before you even start planning it? Here are some less traditional dinner ideas - in other words not the standard piece of meat, starch, vegetable. Maybe they will get you thinking about mixing up the things you put on your plate (and having it include more vegetables from more colors of the rainbow!).

While you are thinking more about what you will have for dinner, think about making more than enough for one meal. Make enough for two dinners or lunch the next day. Even if you end up just using it it as a snack, it will be nice to have something home made and yummy smiling at you when you next open the fridge.

Another thought to chew on. . . if it is 5:30 and you are drawing a blank for tonight, take a rain check on cooking tonight. But don’t stop thinking about it. Make a plan NOW for tomorrow. If you just get one day ahead, you CAN turn it into two days, three and four days. And remember, use good ingredients, make extra to have the next day. Most things actually do taste better with a day or two for flavors to meld.

And, whenever you can, double up on the vegetables and reduce the white bread, noodles and white rice. Your body will thank you!

New Ways to look at “What am I going to put on the table?”

Stuffed Vegetables

Stews/Curries over Rice, Bulgur, Quinoa

Roasted Veggies

Legumes – Soups, Salads, Casserole, Pies

“Indian” Night

“Thai Curry” Night

Mexican Enchilada/Tamale Casserole

Sautéed, Braised Vegetables

Soup or Stew served with…

…Vegetable/ Grain Salads, Pizza, Toast w/cheese, chutney etc…

Vegetable Pancakes  - nice with soup…

Pilaf – Rice, Quinoa,  Bulgur, Wheat Berry

Polenta Pie, Pizza, Spoon Bread


Vegetable Gratins

Pasta & Meat/Vegetables  - Tossed

Pasta & Meat/Vegetables -  Baked

Fish / Seafood Night

Chicken / Duck / Turkey Night

Beef / Lamb / Pork Night