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Body Care

Dead Sea Bath Salts with locally grown medicinal flowers & herbs                                                                   

                $7 for a 6 oz  jar

                                                                 $18 for a 28 oz bag

Direct from Isreal - unbleached, unprocessed - pure and simple - and wonderful for aching bodies! The 6 oz jars are scented and enriched with herbs from Marianne’s Garden. The 28 oz bag comes pure and direct from the sea.

Chocolate Santander

Single Origin Chocolate Bars from Colombia         $4.50 per bar

                                                                                $22 for a medley of five bars

70 gram bars in these five “levels” of milk to dark;

35% Milk Chocolate, 55% Semi Dark chocolate, 65% a d 70% Dark, and 70% Dark with espresso coffee.

End every meal with a square of dark chocolate. It is good for your heart, your health and your spirit! This chocolate is so good that you don’t need to inhale the whole bar to be satisfied. It begs to be allowed to melt slowly on your tongue, so the rich floral and fruity aromas and distinctive nutty hues can envelop and delight you. Add a couple bars to your next order; you WON’T be disappointed.

Chocolate covered coffee beans              $4.50 per  2.5 oz snack tube

53% cacao Dark Chocolate covers roasted Colombian Chocolate Beans

The chocolate is single origin grown in the Santander regions of the Columbian countryside. The coffee beans are also from Columbia. They are delicious and top quality! No fillers or junk here.

About Chocolate Santander

Santander is both the name of Colombia’s only single origin chocolate company and the region where their cacao is grown. The people there have been growing on small and medium size farms for 2 centuries. Ripe cacao pods are hand harvested with forks and scissors, split open with machetes, sorted, fermented in wood boxes and dried on wood boards in the sun following centuries old traditions. The cacao is processed into bars by Compania Nacional de Chocolates.

For 50+ years, these two companies have worked side by side with cacao growers to establish an equitable and fair business model, which includes improving working conditions and the well being of workers, and sponsoring educational programs for community children. They train farmers to use ethical cultivation practices including organic fertilizers, species preservation and soil protection through adequate shading in planted forests. The goal is to improve the quality of life for the growers (currently 12,000 families) in the Colombian countryside, to achieve sustainable agricultural practices, and to produce a very special chocolate.

Olive Oils  & Vinegars

Heirloom Beans and Grains

Nuts, Honey & Dried Fruit

Dry Mushrooms, Salts & Seasonings

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